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Become a part of MoneyWrench and accelerate your shop to new speeds.

We have expanded to offer our services nationally to any auto repair and collision shops seeking industry specific insight, expert customer service and knowledgeable staff. All of our automotive shop clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of their concerns, needs and our ability to give them a competitive advantage.


We help you choose the right tool for the job, giving you peace of mind.

Find issues using our proven shop diagnostic report

Align your finance, accounting and shop numbers in 3 key stages

The MoneyWrench crew is part of your team working toward your success as a shop owner.

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Not only do we treat you like part of our family, you get access to a practical and friendly team that is working hard to help you succeed. Our clients say these are the things we’ve helped them with.

More Time

Shop owners work too hard, and aren’t always doing the proper things. We give you financial clarity so you can focus on what is important.

More Cash

There is cash in someone else’s pocket instead of yours. We’ll help you find it and grow it.

An Accountant that Understands

We work with shop owners from the start to the end, so we get your business and it’s specific needs.

Clean Numbers

We see a lot of messy numbers. Just like your bays, clean = more efficient, more profit, better tools.

No Surprises

We don’t like bad surprises, and neither do you. Our Total Care package is designed to get expectations set and monitored so you can sleep well.

Roadmap for Success

Our process has worked before and it will work for you. We lay out the plan and make it happen.


Bryan Machacek
Director of Client Relationships

Caitlin Fancy
Marketing Manager

Shannon Broderson
Senior Relationship Manager

Naomi Dueck
Workflow Manager

Jenn Dick


Marcela Medeiros
Junior Technician



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